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Happy Pico Day!

2010-04-30 17:33:38 by MoonUpAbove

Happy Pico Day everyone! Looking forward to new flashes.

I'm already pretty impressed with Pico's Brother. I wonder if anything else will impress me.

Anyway, go watch stuff. Play stuff. Enjoy April 30th. (By the way, Happy Birthday, Tom.)

Stupid Quizilla Server

2009-06-29 13:13:24 by MoonUpAbove

My story on Quizilla, Bleeding Moon is IMPOSSIBLE to publish because of the stupid server that crashes after at least three days of writing. Basically, and this'll sound stupid, the Goths (Pico's school) Are still alive, my characters are stuck in the NG world, and Tankmen get's the bright idea to move everyone into one house. (Including Pico's group)

Stupid Quizilla Server


2009-06-20 13:32:48 by MoonUpAbove

Art portal YESH


2009-06-11 18:26:33 by MoonUpAbove

Since I can't animate worth crap, I'll post art every time I feel like it. >_>